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The border on the north bank of the River Dee boasts a 'Welcome to Wales' sign, marker stones and daffodils in Spring

The northern end of the Wales Coast Path, with its welcome to Wales sign, marker stones and, for a few weeks in the spring, impressive corridor of daffodils, is at the border with England on the north bank of the River Dee.  Nobody can start or end here as it is inaccessible by road. 

However, this point is just 2.3 miles / 3.75 kilometres from Chester railway station and the map in the resources section below shows our suggested, but not signposted, route between the two.

From the station, after a brief walk down City Road, the route through the city is primarily an attractive and interesting one along the towpath of the Shropshire Union Canal, which it leaves through a hole in the wall by the canal basin, before running down Catherine Street to ‘The Cop’ recreation ground.

From here, despite still being in England, a Wales Coast Path fingerpost points the way alongside the river to the official start.

Chepstow is a mere 870 miles away!



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