Capturing the spirit of the path through arts and poetry

Celf Coast Cymru is an artistic explosion capturing the spirit of the path through poetry and art.

What’s been happening

10 artists and 10 poets were invited to pay tribute to their special part of the coast path during our 10th anniversary year capturing the spirit of the entire path in a unique way. The connection between nature, Wales’ unique culture, heritage and language and the coastline of Wales has been brought alive by the artists and poets.

Through their collective work, 10 poems and 10 pieces of art, they have weaved us a journey along a path that is unique and special to everyone who experiences it. All the poems are available in both English and Welsh, translated by former National Poet for Wales, Ifor Ap Glyn. The project has been curated by featured artist Dan Llywelyn Hall

Commemorative Book

A special commemmorative book "Celf Coast Cymru: Wales Coast Path in Art and Poetry - 10th Anniversary" has been published  - bringing together all the poems and artwork in one place to enjoy. We hope this book will inspire you to walk the path yourself with a renewed perspective.  Buy the book online from Amazon or from Dan Llywelyn Hall website

Look and Listen Online

You can see this unique collection of art and poetry online on our Youtube channel "Celf Coast Cymru 10" playlist

Featured Artists and Poets


Dan Llywelyn Hall is a Welsh painter known for working in the landscape and portrait genres, bringing a combination of insight and raw emotional force to the genre of figurative art. Dan is the lead artist for the Celf Coast Cymru project.

Wendy Dawson is primarily a metal artist working with precious and non-precious metals. For the Celf Coast Cymru project, Wendy curated a body of work that focused on time’s paces through road signs along the coast.

Manon Awst is a Welsh artist specialising in sculptures and site-specific artworks woven with ecological narratives. Her thought-provoking piece from the exhibition brings to the fore the cultural and environmental weight of ‘holiday mode’ on coastal destinations.

Brian Jones is a landscape and portrait artist based in Mid Wales, bringing his original oils onto canvas for the Celf Coast Cymru exhibition. Brian also specialises in textile design, after spending many years working in the design studios of Laura Ashley.

Liz Neal is an embroiderer, sculptor and painter who has created an array of coastal landscapes for Celf Coast Cymru, that are both local and important to her through the various art forms that she specialises in — all on appliqué.

Bob Guy specialises in wood engraving — a technique pioneered in the late 18th century. An artist, illustrator and printmaker from Cain Valley, Montgomeryshire, Bob brings a very different edge to the exhibition with his breadth of artistic expertise.

Iwan Bala is an established artist, writer and lecturer based in Wales. Having won Welsh Artist of the Year, Drawing Prize in 2013. What’s more, Iwan Bala has also published books and essays on contemporary art in Wales. Iwan Bala is cited in most published compilations on contemporary art in Wales.

Simon Page re-envisioned the Gower coast, Swansea, for his Celf Coast Cymru piece — after being attracted to the idea of the Wales Coast Path’s relationship with the land, the sea, and the changing space that exists on the edge of both.

Neale Howells is often referred to as ‘the bad boy’ of Welsh art, combining graffiti, pop art, symbolism, and abstract expressionism — primarily with household materials. From working with the Manic Street Preachers to Welsh fashion designer, Kayne Pierson — the Celf Coast Cymru exhibition is another major addition to his ever-growing portfolio.


Ifor ap Glyn is known as one of Wales’ most established poets, having held the title of National Poet of Wales from 2016 until 2021. Ifor ap Glyn is the poet behind the words of Wales Coast Path’s 10th anniversary poem, ‘A Wales Coast Path Blessing’ — landing him the role of lead poet on the Celf Coast Cymru project.

Hanan Issa, the newly-appointed National Poet of Wales, is a writer, poet and artist from Cardiff. Her work has been performed and published on a variety of different platforms including the Celf Coast Cymru exhibition — celebrating what the local stretch of the Path means to her.

Zoe Skoulding is a poet and literary critic. Professor of Poetry and Creative Writing at Bangor University, Zoe’s work has been acknowledged by Wales Book of the Year Awards after being shortlisted numerous times and winning the Poetry Award in 2020.

Llion Pryderi Roberts is originally from Anglesey, and splits his time as an author and a lecturer at Cardiff University’s School of Welsh. Specialising in creative writing and literature,  he released his first volume of literary work in 2018.

Guto Dafydd is a successful Welsh poet and novelist who’s won the Crown at the National Eisteddfod of Wales twice — becoming one of the youngest-ever winners, as well as winning the Daniel Owen Prize for his novels.

Haf Llewelyn is an author and poet from Llanuwchllyn, Mid Wales. Haf started her career as a primary school teacher before becoming an established author and receiving the Tir na n-Og prize for her novel, Diffodd y Sêr in 2014.

Ceri Wyn Jones is one of Wales’ leading authors, having won both the Chair and the Crown at the National Eisteddfod of Wales not once, but twice. In addition to his successes at the Eisteddfod, Ceri was also the Children’s Poet for Wales (Bardd Plant Cymru) 2004 – 2005.

Gillian Clarke is a well-established poet from Wales and was the National Poet of Wales between 2008 and 2016. Gillian was awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry in 2010 for her contributions to the field, as well as having contributed to both radio and theatre drama.

Elinor Gwynn is a Welsh poet and environmentalist — also a recipient of the Crown the National Eisteddfod of Wales. Elinor’s work is known for being heavily-inflicted by her love for the outdoors, in addition to personal tragedy.

Natalie Holborow is a multi-award-winning author from Swansea, finding success with her novels And Suddenly You Find Yourself and Small. Natalie has also been shortlisted for various prizes including the Bridport Prize and the National Poetry Competition.

Robert Minhinnick is a Welsh poet and novelist and has won the Wales Book of the Year award a record of three times. Robert was born in Neath and now lives by the coast in Porthcawl — the local stretch of Path which inspired his Celf Coast Cymru contribution.

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