Gareth Axenderrie's 3 minute interview with WCP!




A fun 3 minute interview with Gareth Axenderrie who is walking the 870mile/1400km Wales Coast Path and then a further 177 miles of the Offa’s Dyke Path for Velindre Cancer Centre.

WCP:  Gareth, thank you for coming to see us.  I’ve got 3 questions in 3 minutes to ask you…...Well done on your 800 miles journey so far [having arrived into Bangor after his 125mile walk round Anglesey today]!  My first question is why did you choose Wales to do your challenge?

Gareth:  I really wanted to see what’s on my door step…because there is 870 miles of accessible coast line in a fairly small country. There’s a nice mix of places that I know of like the back of my hand but also places I would never have seen if I hadn’t walked the Wales Coast Path!

WCP:  Sum up the Welsh Coastline is 3 words!

Gareth:  [laughs]:  That’s such a good question but such a difficult one too but I’m going to go with:
1. Solitude
2. Variety
3. #peoplemakeplaces

The third one is something that I’ve really thought is so true.  I’ve met some really generous and kind people on my journey who have simply been amazing.

WCP: You’re nearly at the end of the 870 mile journey and going on to walk the 177 mile Offa’s Dyke Path.  What would be your greatest pearl of wisdom for anyone else who wants to walk the Wales Coast Path, whether in one go like yourself or simply a day trip?

Gareth: [without any hesitation at all!]:  Good boots and rucksack!  Anything else is negotiable.  Just be open and take as much in as possible!

[To wrap up this interview, I went round the office beforehand and asked everyone to put one random question into the hat, not necessarily to do with the Path.  Even I don’t know the questions!] 

WCP:  Pick a question!

Gareth: [picks a question nervously!]:  What was the most bizarre thing that you’ve encountered on the journey so far?
[Thinks hard]….That’s another difficult one, I’m sure there has been some.  But the one thing springs to mind was when I was walking in the hinterland in Aberystwyth.  The sun was setting and there was this kind of errie dusky light. 

I heard these buzzards hovering above me in the air, fly away and then swoop down really quickly to an arms lengths away from my head!  At first it was cool but then it just got scary!  I later heard on Radio 2 that there’s been an upsurge of buzzards nesting in populated areas…..I guess Aberystwyth buzzards are quite territorial!


You can follow Gareth on his perimeter walk around Wales in aid of Velindre Cancer Centre on Facebook (“Gareth's Great Welsh Walk”) and on Twitter @garethwelshwalk



Aug 2015