Help Pages

The site can be navigated in the following ways:

The home page. You can access some of the sites key areas through the home page. There are a selection of highlights and walk recommendations as well as links to our regions and mapping capabilities.

The chapter navigation menu. Located at the top of every page, the menu can be used to link to the main content sections on the site, such as ‘Explore by Area’ or ‘What can I do’. Once within a section, the left hand panel displays the various sub topics that can be explored. 

The breadcrumb trail. This trail shows the location of the page in the website's structure. You can use the links in this trail to go back to the main chapter page and the home page - effectively retracing your steps from the beginning.

For example, if the crumb trail reads:

Home Page > What can I do? > Active> Walking

You can retrace your steps back to the home page, or the Active section, or even the What can I do? section – directly.

Content. The site aims to offer a selection of some of the great things to do and see along the Welsh coastline. If you feel a particular area of interest is under resourced, please do let us know.

We try our best to provide the most interesting and comprehensive information on this site. Should you spot a mistake in any of our pages, please contact us so that we can fix it.

Please be aware that some of our links go to external websites. NRW is not responsible for the content of these sites.