Year of Adventure 2016 Newport Wetlands NNR

undefinedLots of water can be really good sometimes!  A wetland is an area that is saturated with water with an abundance of aquatic plants.

Wetlands are vital to for water purification and flood control along our shorelines.
It’s no wonder that here at Newport Wetlands National Nature Reserve (NNR) you will find an equal abundance of diverse wildlife that feed on these plants make this special nature reserve their home. 

Family Friendly
Covering 437 hectares (1,080 acres), this is a family friendly nature reserve with wheelchair and pushchair friendly routes available.  There is also a picnic and play area next to the visitor centre to ensure your little ones are kept busy!
However far you stroll, rest assured there is a café with toilets nearby for a bit of rest and relaxation.

undefinedAll year entertainment
Situated on the edge of the bustling city of Newport, you will have the opportunity to see many different species of birds at any time of the year. 

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled, your bird identification book in your pocket and your binoculars ready and unleash the intrepid adventurer in you!

Spring time is the start for the breading season and is a very busy time at the wetlands.  Breeding waders such as lapwings and oystercatchers and bearded tits can be spotted as well swallows and swifts begin arriving from Africa.
Summer is the time where the grass snakes soak up the sun and around 16 species of dragonflies can be found at the wetlands.
Autumn is the season of change where the vibrant lush green reeds turn to yellowing brown and groups of gold finches can be seen flitting around the reserve.
Winter offers a not to be missed wildlife experience.  From October onwards, marvel at the large groups of starlings gathering at dusk in great big black clouds.  As they swoop and soar overhead, you cannot miss their noisy chatters.

undefinedNot just a birdwatchers paradise, this reserve is also home to badgers, moles and wood mice.  Otters, who are notoriously shy of humans can also be found here, albeit by their droppings or “spraint”.

Newport Wetlands National Nature Reserve lies between the Severn Estuary and the River Usk on the South Wales coast.  It is owned and managed by Natural Resources Wales, in partnership with RSPB Cymru and Newport City Council and others for the benefit of wildlife and people.