Year of Adventure 2016 Cardiff Bay

The home of the Senedd (the Welsh Parliament in Welsh), Cardiff Bay offers a cultural walk through an area of massive urban regeneration that is steeped in history.


Follow the footsteps of the Weatherman Walking, Derek Brockway and try this 5 mile walk around Cardiff Bay.  Follow one adventurer’s quest for the South Pole, a Norwegian church and an optical illusion to name but a few sights along this flat and family friendly walk.  Mermaid Quay, the waterfront shopping and leisure district in Cardiff provides plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants to help you make the most of your walk.

An Antarctica adventure started here

In a bid to be the first to reach the South Pole, Captain Robert Falcon Scott set sail on the Terra Nova ship from Cardiff port on 15 June 1910.
He and his party did indeed reach it in January 1912, only to find that the Norwegian Roald Amundsen had arrived 3 undefinedweeks earlier. However, the trip ended in tragedy, when all 5 of the Terra Nova party lost their lives on their way back. 
But don’t let Captain’s Scott’s attempt to venture to the South Pole dampen your adventurous side.  Visit the exhibition in the Bay and admire their brave and arduous journey to one of the most inhabitable places on earth.

A bay of culture and history

Cardiff Bay was one of Britain’s three major ports in the 19th century. The Norwegian merchant fleet was the third largest in the world at that time that made Cardiff one of its major centres of its operations. 
To serve the religious needs of the Norwegian sailors, a church was built in 1868.  This little white church is famous for being the church where the Cardiff born and world renowned children’s novelist, Roald Dahl was baptised.

Spot the optical illusion

undefinedIf you stand in one certain location on the Cardiff Barrage structures, you will find the “Three Ellipses for Three Locks” also known as “Barrage Circles” designed by artist Felice Varini.  

The three yellow circles painted on the barrage structures are not immediately obvious but find that spot and all will be revealed!